Gene Juarez Salons & Spas, Locally Yours for 49 Years

At Gene Juarez, every guest provides us the opportunity to share our craft, our professionalism and our passion as we help them celebrate beauty and wellness. We create a lifetime of loyalty be setting exceedingly high standards and demonstrating excellence in everything we do personally and professionally.

We have partnered with AURA technology to provide a seamless shopping environment as part of your full beauty experience. This technology facilitates our online transaction with products coming directly from your trusted salon where we maintain the highest health and safety standards. This unique partnership platform helps small businesses keep a level playing field with the e-commerce giants!

Shop the Best Brands in Hair, Nails, Body and Skin Care

From cleanse and treatment to protect and style, we curate the best professional retail brands available in the industry. Our selection of products is chosen to meet the needs of a variety of hair types in the Pacific Northwest. Whether hair is fine, straight, extra curly, thick or thin, heavily styled or gently natural, each of our brands provides a solution for a variety of needs and preferences in hair care.

We believe beauty and wellness are the perfect combination and one should never compromise the other. That’s why we choose lines that combine the best in professional spa sciences and organics for skin care, body care and nail care.